Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone

The A. W. and Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professor at the University of California San Francisco and CEO/President Sonoma BioTherapeutics.  He is a leading immunologist in the field of T-cell activation, co-stimulation, and immune tolerance research, which has led to the development of multiple pro-tolerogenic immunotherapies and the first checkpoint immunotherapies for cancer treatment. Dr. Bluestone’s research has focused on the critical role of regulatory T cells in autoimmune diseases, organ transplantation and cancer. Dr. Bluestone was the founder and first director of the Immune Tolerance Network, an NIH-funded clinical immunology research program, former UCSF Diabetes Center Director, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost at UCSF and CEO of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. Dr. Bluestone has authored more than 400 peer-reviewed publications, mentored over 60 graduate students/post-doctoral fellows, and received numerous awards for his work, including election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine.

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Parul Somani

A healthcare executive and cancer survivor turned inspirational speaker championing health, resilience, and a positive mindset. As the Founder & CEO of Silver Linings, Parul combines her experiences as a young working mother diagnosed with breast cancer, a caregiver who transformed her parents' lives with her patient advocacy, and a businesswoman with 15+ years of experience in management consulting and executive roles in consumer, technology, and healthcare companies. Parul's mission is to help improve the state of healthcare by sharing her experiences, and inspiring others to live a healthy, thankful, and fulfilling life. She is the author of the blog "New Job. New Baby. New Cancer." that has been read in ~80 countries, and has shared her personal story through films on survivorship and mindset, TV and radio segments, podcast interviews, and public speaking engagements for organizations such as the World Economic Forum and Stanford Health Care. Parul holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and a Minor in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


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